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Who We Are

Red Earth Theatre was founded in August 2013 when a small enthusiastic multi-cultural group convened to share their love and passion for live theatre that would serve a broader community. Ingrid Hagelberg, Jorrit Intveld, Linda Damita, Giselle Suarez, Kate Hawkes and Cathy Hartenstein drafted the mission, set up the website and set out on the first season.

Red Earth Theatre is now almost 4.5 years old and the board today consists of Kate Hawkes (Producing Artistic Director/Chairman): Sarah Ann Lesslie (Vice Chair); John Crawford (Treasurer); Cathy Ransom, Margie Muro, Irmgard Lake, Tonya June Moore and Dylan Marshall.

What We Do

  • Productions:

Classic, contemporary, new works, musicals

  • Staged Readings:

Throughout the community, at a variety of sites

  • Fully Produced Scenes - 'Ready To Go':

Available for festivals, corporate events, fundraisers, etc

  • Workshops/Classes:

different locations/venues, a range of ‘students’.

  • Theatre-based Community Projects::

Performances produced within the community including site-specific theatre based on geography or location  (hospitals, prisons, public places) and / or with cultural groups such as Hispanics or Native  American communities.

theater group

(standing)  L-R: Kate Hawkes, Dylan Marshall (seated) L-R: Cathy Ransom, Marjie Muro, Irmgard Lake, Sarah Ann Lesslie, Tonya June Moore.

John Crawford

John Crawford