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                          Calling The Rain

Red Earth Theatre brings live theatre to the Patio de las Campanas at Tlaquepaque on Thursday June 17th   at 6.30pm  with ‘Calling the Rain, a compilation of music, poetry, stories and wise words.

With summer heat reminding us how much we need water and the memory of the light monsoon last year, Red Earth Theatre offers a program joining the call for rain by honoring and celebrating the gift of water.

Performers include Cathy Ransom (who also curated the show), Ashlee Threlkeld, Michael Gallagher, Kate Hawkes, Candace Gallagher, Sondraya, Terra Shelman, Gary Every, Joan Westmoreland, Nancy Lee Melmon and Jill Trenholm playing guitar with Steve Jenness providing sound effects.

For as long as people have lived on earth they have created stories and poetry about water. Readers will share thoughts from Chinese poet Li Po (700 AD)  to Edward Abbey (who died in Arizona in 1989), Dave Barry (on rain and tents), Kishan Sigh Negi, Dolly Parton (rainbows of course) and Langston Hughes among others.

Even the National Weather Service and get a word in on the subject of monsoons in Arizona.

The show includes a monologue from N. Richard Nash’s play ‘The Rainmaker’, a scene from ‘Pink Nectar Café’ – presenting the Verde River as a woman desperately seeking sustenance – drawn from a short story by local author the late James Bishop, two original stories written and performed by Gary Every, and original poetry from Sondraya, Nancy Lee Melmon, Candace Gallagher and Kate Hawkes.

A lovingly crafted Invocation (by Cathy Ransom) opens the show as we all pray for rain. Musical numbers – including ‘Have You Ever Seen the Rain?’ and ‘I Love A Rainy Night’ – from Jill Trenholm and Candace Gallagher assist in opening our voices and hearts to call the rain.

Join Red Earth Theatre and lend your energy to the call, as we invite rain into our dry desert world, at 6.30pm on Thursday 17th in the Patio de las Campanas at Tlaquepaque. (Suggested Donation: $10 at the door) Who knows? Perhaps we will need our umbrellas by the end of the show!

WHAT: ‘Calling the Rain’ – live performance, music and spoken word`

WHERE: Tlaquepaque, Patio de las Campanas at

WHEN: Thursday 17th, 6.30pm

$10 at the door

Online :
‘SHINING LOVE brief program

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Program 2

Pink Nectar Cafe

Rescheduled to September 15-17 2021

Directed By: Kate Hawkes and Amy Waddell
Performers include long time Red Earth favorites Terra Shelman, Joan Westmoreland, Dave Belkiewitz, Mitchell McDermott, Ashlee Threlkeld, Mary Gladieux, Michael Gallagher, Abby Heydorn and, in his first performance with Red Earth, Buffalo Child as Grey Clouds.

‘Pink Nectar Café – A Theatrical Journey Through the Mysteries of the Wilderness, People and Dreams’

Pink Nectar Cafe