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A Special Video-Audio Play with Music livestreamed with a Live MC! at Suggested Donation $10 - here at the Donate button

(click on image to enlarge) Graphic Design: Donna Bonavito

Red Earth Theatre offers an eclectic  ‘A Christmas Carol’ online!

Each December for the last 3 years Red Earth Theatre has offered ‘A Christmas Carol’ in the Chapel at the Patio de la Camilla at Tlaquepaque. This year the 3rd annual production goes on – online. A specially made Video/Audio play with music with a live MC, will first stream at 7pm on Sunday 20th before living on the Red Earth Theatre You Tube Channel and website.

This unique production was made possible through the generous sponsorship of Sovereign Laboratories, makers of Colostrum LD available online at or at the Vibrant Life Gallery in Sedona.

True to the classic story by Charles Dickens, with Scrooge (Scott Coopwood), Marley (Michael Peach), Bob Cratchit (Iain Patterson) and the Ghosts of Christmas Past (Joan Westmoreland) and Christmas Present (Terra Shelman) as well as a host of other characters, this fast-moving version will surprise and delight all ages.

A unique blend of video and audio only with artfully layered images from early editions of the Dickens tale, the show also features videoed musical performances in 5 languages. Singers include Steve Sandner, Jill Trenholm, Vismaya (in Swedish), Andrea Ferraz (in Portugese), Iain Patterson (in French) and Jeanie Carroll with her grand-daughter Maya Rodriguez (in Spanish), as well as the entire cast in a rousing chorus of ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’.

This online format gives Red Earth opportunity to bring together people who have played with Red Earth from AZ, CA, MN, MI and NV! Performers also include Candace and Michael Gallagher as the Narrators, with Cathy Ransom, Lisa Glinsky, Ashlee Threlkeld, Ben Gorman, Maxwell Peters and Steve Jenness.

In keeping with safe practices, Red Earth has created a format that ensured that all performers were able to audio-participate (under the direction of Kate Hawkes) from the comfort of their homes, and self-video their musical performances. The few solo monologues were videoed in a private studio 1-1 with the director/videographer.

All the audio, musical and video clips were emailed to editor Iain Paterson to be assembled into the entire ‘movie’ which is aired as a live stream with Hawkes as the real time Live MC.

A downloadable program will be available at prior to the show.

The live stream on FB invites the audience to comment as they watch, almost like being there in person. If you can’t tune in at 7pm in Sunday 20th, that show will be recorded, edited and available on the Red Earth Theatre You Tube Channel and website in time for Christmas Day.

Red Earth is proud to bring together this eclectic troupe of 20 performers, all of whom have played with Red Earth throughout this year. It is a testament to the creativity, dedication and joy of performance that this came together. In these times of anxiety, disruption and uncertainty, ‘A Christmas Carol’ is a beautiful reminder of a tradition, broad community and greatest of all, our common humanity. 

When: Sunday 20th, 7pm
Where: Online at

Suggested Donation $10  – online at the website

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Pink Nectar Cafe

Rescheduled to 2021

Directed By: Kate Hawkes and Amy Waddell
Live Music: Leah Bee
Performers include long time Red Earth favorites Terra Shelman, Joan Westmoreland, Dave Belkiewitz, Mitchell McDermott, Ashlee Threlkeld and Mary Gladieux with Michael Cosentino, Zeke Collins and new to Red Earth’s main stage Maxwell Peters, Michael Gallagher, Abby Heydorn and, in his first performance with Red Earth, Buffalo Child as Grey Clouds.

‘Pink Nectar Café – A Theatrical Journey Through the Mysteries of the Wilderness, People and Dreams’

Pink Nectar Cafe


Rescheduled to 2021

Tricia Greer, Andrea Ferraz, Ashlee Threlkeld, Terra Shelman, Vanessa Jackson, Cathy Ransom, and Karla Stamps
Directed By: Kate Hawkes
Special Guest: Music Director/Pianist Mike Van Liew
Violinist: Sonja Whisman