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Tickets are available at the door the night of the show
(cash and check only) for $25,
or in advance for $20  at 
or call 615-406-3689.

Performances are Thursday 11th -Saturday 13th  at 7pm
and Sunday 14th  at 3pm

Seating is limited in the intimate space of Studio B.
Advanced bookings are encouraged.

Spoken Word, Song, Physical and Vocal expression animate a uniquely American story of the frontier. Expect the unexpected, impish humor, surprising revelations and certainly much to consider. Theatre is supposed to enrich our lives and provoke thoughtful discussion and in that vein each performance is followed by an opportunity for civil discourse with Jay and audience members.

Apple Pie with Jay Ruby
at Old Town Center for the Arts!

Red Earth Theatre is proud to present Jay Ruby from the Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater Company in a unique and extraordinary performance at the Old Town Centre for the Arts in Cottonwood for four performances only, May 11th -14th. Beginning outdoors in the parking lot with the short soap box style piece ‘Democracy’ (and a serving of Apple Pie!), afterwards the primary show of the evening takes place  in the intimate space of Studio B, located next to the main stage (the old church).

In this evening length solo performance “Fayettenam” Jay Ruby remixes the ancestral ghosts of Fayettenam’s Appalachian mountains and the myths of manifest destiny to question how the spirit of genocide and slavery inform, shape, and distort our responses to contemporary dilemmas in the USA. Jack Kerouac and Johnny Appleseed double as agents of frontier colonialism feeding unbridled expansion westward into the hidden cultural traumas of the past. “Fayettenam” excavates the fractured mirror embodied in the revolutionary spirit of the American psyche.  

Originally from Western Pennsylvania Jay Ruby moved to Prescott, AZ after studying theater and working in Europe. To animate social space and invigorate collective reflection Jay founded The Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater Company in Prescott, Arizona in 1997 which served as the host group of the free all-ages festival Tsunami on the Square.

Jay Ruby nurtured The Carpetbag Brigade’s unique style of performance by integrating the traditions of acrobatic stilts, butoh dance, contact improvisation and physical theater for outdoor spectacle-based drama and intimate black box style work. Known for its innovative and pioneering use of acrobatic stilting outside of non-traditional venues, The Carpetbag Brigade facilitated cross-cultural exchange and community residencies in Europe, North and South America with its unique vocabulary.

Jay Ruby continues to teach, direct, and perform as an acrobatic stiltwalker, while also forging a performance path as a director and an actor nurturing intimate personal creative territory. Using biographical story as a springboard to explore universal themes Jay founded the Inter•Section•Solo Festival which showcased intimate personal performances that activated universal understanding and empathy. Democracy and Fayettenam are his unique works as an actor from this genre. Democracy is a soapbox rant about people, power, and power to the people. Fayettenam explores what shapes American conscience in the shadows of genocide and slavery.

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This online format gave Red Earth opportunity to bring together people who have played with Red Earth from AZ, CA and NV! Performers include Terra Shelman, Cathy Ransom, Kate Hawkes, Joan Westmoreland, Scott Coopwood, Iain Paterson, Jill Trenholm, Candace and Michael Gallagher, Lisa Glinsky, Vismaya, Maya Rodriguez  and Jeanie Carrol.