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                            Red Earth Back Live at Tlaquepaque!

Red Earth Theatre is excited to be back, if not on the boards at least on the stones, live, outdoors in the Patio de las Campanas at Tlaquepaque on Thursday April 15th at 6pm with a 60 minute show celebrating our beautiful planet and home.

The ‘Red Earth Mothers’ bring you This Earth We Call Home,  collage-piece of poetry, prose, music and thoughts, drawn from a variety of cultures and eras, outdoors with social distancing and safe practices. There is limited seating (40) for a live audience! Feel free to bring your own chairs, (if you prefer), and please practice social distancing and wear masks for your comfort and those around you.

 Performers include Cathy Ransom, Terra Shelman, Joan Westmoreland, Sandi Schenholm, Xandy Lifson, Mary Gladieux and Kate Hawkes with music from Jeanie Carroll and an original song from Jill Trenholm. Together this all-woman cast share the words of Dylan Thomas, Edward Abbey, Joanna Macey, Chief Seattle, Naomi Klein, Pablo Neruda, Rachel Carson, Thomas Berry, Alice Walker and Evelyn Ames among others. We also hear a unique view of our earth from an astronaut.

Under the stars and graced by the ivy-covered walls of Tlaquepaque, this is one the Earth Month offerings around Sedona and Verde Valley this month. Visit to see what else is happening.

Over the last 12 months Red Earth produced several live shows outdoors during the 2020 summer, and more than 20 shows online. Visit the Red Earth Theatre You Tube Channel to see what Red Earth has been up to during this past year as they continued to work with over 50 performers, produce new work and support the community.

Red Earth brings live performance to Tlaquepaque on the third Thursday of each month with limited seating for live audience with shows planned for May 20th and June17th . Stay in touch with them via newsletter and at the website

Red Earth Theatre is dedicated to providing opportunities for us to be together, sharing our  common humanity within the parameters of our current circumstances, as we emerge from the events of the past 12 months. The inspiration of live storytelling and music, in a shared space inspires strength and hope as we welcome the Spring and look forward to good health and peace. What better way to begin to once again bring live theatre to the community than during Earth Month?

Join Red Earth Mothers with This Earth We Call Home  on Thursday 15th at 6pm, live at the Patio de las Campanas, Tlaquepaque. (Seating on the other side of the fountain and arches in front of El Rincon.) Support live performance, connect with your community, enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment.

 What: Live Theatre – Outdoors
When: Thursday April 15, 6.00pm
Where: Tlaquepaque – Patio de las Campanas



Online :
‘SHINING LOVE brief program

Click below to open.
Program 2

Pink Nectar Cafe

Rescheduled to 2021

Directed By: Kate Hawkes and Amy Waddell
Live Music: Leah Bee
Performers include long time Red Earth favorites Terra Shelman, Joan Westmoreland, Dave Belkiewitz, Mitchell McDermott, Ashlee Threlkeld and Mary Gladieux with Michael Cosentino, Zeke Collins and new to Red Earth’s main stage Maxwell Peters, Michael Gallagher, Abby Heydorn and, in his first performance with Red Earth, Buffalo Child as Grey Clouds.

‘Pink Nectar Café – A Theatrical Journey Through the Mysteries of the Wilderness, People and Dreams’

Pink Nectar Cafe


Rescheduled to 2021

Tricia Greer, Andrea Ferraz, Ashlee Threlkeld, Terra Shelman, Vanessa Jackson, Cathy Ransom, and Karla Stamps
Directed By: Kate Hawkes
Special Guest: Music Director/Pianist Mike Van Liew
Violinist: Sonja Whisman