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Red Earth Theatre provides a stage to inspire and nurture many voices through live performance, and encourages dialogue exploring the human condition in our diverse communities.
Based in Northern Arizona, Verde Valley-Cottonwood-Sedona region


az-community-foundation-logo     partly funded by a grant from the  Arizona Community Foundation-Sedona for 2017-18

Coming in 2018: 



Celebrating the playwrights who give us the stories.


Letter to Our CommunityDownload

Just over 3 years ago Kate Hawkes (on behalf of Red Earth Theatre) approached the City with an idea for the unused Teen Center up on Posse Grounds. Recognizing the need for a small, flexible, affordable, performing arts venue for the entire community she embarked on the process of making a proposal to City Council and a 14 month contract was awarded. That was then extended for two years based in the success of the venture and community response to the friendly flexible space personally managed by a nonprofit arts group active in the community it served.

The City will be managing the space, more in keeping with it being a City Facility, as from July 2018. Red Earth Theatre is grateful for the experience and proud of the last 3 years creating and managing the Sedona Hub and we look forward to the next evolution of our journey. We will continue to meet our mission, to provide a stage to inspire and nurture many voices through live performance, and encourage dialogue exploring the human condition in our diverse communities.

In keeping with our mission, and noting that All the arts are represented in the live theatre world – spoken word, dance, music, visual art and the digital media we are looking forward to taking all we have learned and love to do and sharing with others in the Verde Valley.

We believe in collaboration,  partnerships and sharing space and energy.
We believe in sustainability and community – we want to give a ‘voice’ to those who live here.

Red Earth brings producing and managing skills, a website and newsletter, technical support and costumes and lots of other ‘stuff’.

As we produce, collaborate, encourage and share the performing arts in the Verde Valley all the platforms, lighting, costumes, props, chairs etc will be used and need to be accessible.

** We are asking for your help in finding and funding A STORAGE LOCATION
(The personal garage used to be enough but no longer!)


** We’d LOVE TO SHARE A SPACE with other artists and creators in which to explore and make all of our work open to the public.

Red Earth serves the Verde Valley and would be honored to make our base in West Sedona, Cottonwood or Clarkdale.

We will be leaving the Hub the week of June 25th.
Please get in touch and let us know how we can work and play with you.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to Red Earth Theatre to assist with our next phase please mail to 205 Sunset Dr/135, Sedona AZ 86336 or online (www.redearththeatre.org) at the Paypal donate button.

Email: gro.e1531709815rtaeh1531709815thtra1531709815eder@1531709815ofni1531709815

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to serving our Verde Valley community for years to come.

Kate Hawkes
(Producing Artistic Director)
and The Red Earth Board

To find out what’s up next...Sign up for our Newsletter by emailing us at gro.e1531709815rtaeh1531709815Thtra1531709815EdeR@1531709815ofni1531709815.

Go to Events for more information.

Find out what plays we are reading through our newsletter or by checking this website.


MEET THE RED EARTH BOARD! Photo Larry Kane  see bios on About/who we are >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

See What's Happening with the Mouth Project Red Earth Theatre Awarded $75,000 Grant to Develop The Mouth Project

DETAILS on Mouth Project page

Funded by ACF-Sedona Healthy Challenge mouth-project-sponsor-logos

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