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our mission

Red Earth Theatre provides a stage to inspire and nurture many voices through live performance, and encourages dialogue exploring the human condition in our diverse communities.
Based in Northern Arizona, Verde Valley-Cottonwood-Sedona region

                            The 3rd Annual Gratitude Show

 pre-recorded + livestream Thursday Nov. 19th 7pm

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partly funded by a grant from the  Arizona Community Foundation-Sedona for 2017-18-19
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Thank you to Red Earth sponsor Sovereign Laboratories

Red Earth is deeply grateful to receive a $20,000 grant from the Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation
for  a 12 month series of programs with the Prescott VA beginning November this year.
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A Special Pre-Recorded Livestream with Live MC Performance
(more details at Events)

To Our Community

Keeping Our Promise - Connecting Community Through Live Performance

Red Earth Theatre, like every performing arts organization, group, individual in the USA and indeed the world, has been saddened, horrified, and ultimately challenged by these unprecedented times.

After cancelling (with TBA dates) two productions, and for a time temporarily ceasing live theatre at Tlaquepaque, we are brought our creativity and love of storytelling through theatre to the virtual/digital medium.

Our mission remains as it has always been. Red Earth Theatre provides a platform to inspire and nurture many voices through live performance, and encourages dialogue exploring the human experience in our diverse communities.

Now more than ever those voices are needed to explore and share the current experience. Our community includes the actors, writers, technical folks and others with whom we create and you the audience whose presence nurtures the creative impulse.

It is in times of anxiety and uncertainty we need to come together, with the energy of the arts to reach our spirit and calm the emotional turmoil more than ever. As a creative organization we can do it virtually.

We are slowly bringing back some live performance with limited sized audience and also continue to offer work through the online platform.  Visit Red Earth Theatre YouTube Channel, and Facebook to the videos.

We know that many of you are struggling with the upheavals in your life – separation from family and friends, uncertain livelihoods and the accompanying emotional roller-coaster. We know that creativity and sharing community can provide solace, reprieve and often healing.

Finally, be your own performer – write poems, sing songs, dance. Keep your heart open and fear at bay. The community exists even when you can’t sit beside it in front of a stage – it is all around you.

Kate Hawkes and Red Earth Board